Video: Amazing Seychelles — Slovenian Girl Abroad

After 14 days in warm tropical climate of SE Asia my body struggle to adapt to cold winter temperatures here in Switzerland. I feel miserable. In such state, I’m trying to lift my spirits by editing videos and photos from my trips to the warm and sunny places. I would like to share with you […]

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Beginning with Bonnard — talltalesfromchiconia

One of my sisters had a landmark birthday yesterday. It turns out that she’d love a quilt, but hadn’t quite liked to ask, and it wasn’t until I asked if she’d be interested in having one to add to the peaceful décor of her new apartment that I discovered this. We talked a lot about […]

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My Phenomenal Progress! — Savannah’s Paw Tracks

HIYA!! SAVANNAH HERE!!! I know I may appear to be a bit grumpy in the photo, but rest easy, I am actually very excited. But you see Mom L caught me just settling in for my afternoon nap on this wonderful vintage quilt she carefully folded in hopes I would not find it a comfy […]

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And the sky looked like pink cotton candy | arty Monday — Glücksgeist

I’ve been obsessed with a youtuber called MsRosieBea. She uploads the most amazing videos and I can’t stop watching her. I binge-watched all of her videos and found a video called Paint with me. Rosie has some great art skills and I loved watching her paint. Because of that I really wanted to do a […]

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Legends of Windemere Series Trailer by Chris the Story Reading Ape — Legends of Windemere

I woke up this morning to this amazing video from Chris the Story Reading Ape. A big thank you to him for this and helping me start 2018 on a surprisingly positive note. Click Here for the Amazon Site!

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Amazing video by Rabbi Harry Rozenberg — natsab

Guys!! I am enjoying an amazing video right now by Rabbi Harry Rozenberg about the Ten Tribes. He is sharing incredible insight and breadth of understanding on the topic, delving into resources I want to better understand! And, the video is just plain fun! He moves and talks so fast that you’d think he was […]

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