Watch: Reporter Boldly Interrupts Hillary With The Truth. Her Response Is Awful…

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Fox News reporter Ed Henry interrupted Hillary Clinton at a campaign event in Iowa today to ask if she would take questions from reporters.

Clinton’s refusal to take reporters’ questions for nearly a month had become an issue in-and-of-itself on the campaign trail, particularly as Republican candidates field tough questions about current events, the Iraq War, and their own records.

Approximately half way through the roundtable event at a bike factory in Cedar Falls, Henry broke in, asking Clinton: “Will you take questions from the media? We haven’t heard from you in a month.”

Clinton responded: “Maybe when I finish talking to the people here, how’s that?”

Henry followed up, trying to nail down the former secretary of state. “I might — I’ll have to ponder it, but I will put it on my list for due consideration,” she said as she pretended to write a note to herself.


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