Microsoft is reportedly making a ‘light-weight’ mobile email app


Accompli on an iPhone

Hey, Google: you might not be the only tech giant that can rethink email apps. Twitter user WalkingCat claims to have discovered a download page for Microsoft?s ?Flow by Outlook,? an iPhone email app that?s all about ?rapid? and ?light-weight? conversations. Reportedly, the software tosses out the usual trappings, such as subject lines and signatures ? you?re supposed to use Flow almost like a chat client, and it only includes threads that started within the app. There?s no mention of when Flow would arrive (or spread to other platforms), and Microsoft isn?t commenting on the leak. If the scoop is accurate, though, you?ll probably get a chance to try this client at some point in the relatively near future.

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Via:CNET, SlashGear

Source:WalkingCat (Twitter 1), (2)

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