Observations on the General Election, though not politically


This isn’t a commentary on the political outcome of the election, but a few observations having stayed up most the night of the election.

  1. Election polling model is completely broken and needs massive change.
    1. No polling organisation forecast the election result. They weren’t even close, such as May2015.
    2. The media should ignore election polls until the model is fixed, that’s if this is even possible.
    3. Read the enlightening American view, ‘The polls in Britain: What went wrong?
  2. Let’s retire aging political grandees from election night comment.
    1. I don’t want to hear another peep from Neil Kinnock, Shirley Williams, or Norman Tebbit.
    2. On the BBC election night coverage Douglas Hurd showed his age, neither kind to him or the viewer.
    3. I’m not being ageist – heck I’m no youngster, surely producers can find people younger than in their mid eighties or older to comment election trends.
    4. If it’s David Dimbleby’s last…

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