To Declare Is To Destroy

MB Blissett

If you declare yourself politically, you destroy yourself artistically

Joss Whedon.

I chose my art over my politics. I imagine that you might guess at my politics but like my genitalia, I won’t get it out and wave it around.

I write stories. I have an ideal reader for whom I write and I work with that in mind. I work at it daily and the more of that I’ve done, the happier and more fulfilled my life has become.

I made my choice and I accept it. It allows me to focus on the work and not try to justify my every action. It allows me to not worry about failing the political and ideological standards of others. It means I just make my art without a committee judging me.

I’m not selfish but I have work to do. Activism places demands that cut into my writing and that…

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