Woman Wants To Have Her Dead Daughter’s Baby! This Would Be A World’s First!

1025 KSFM

A woman wants to carry and give birth to her own grandchildren from her daughter that passed away! See how she hopes to make it happen and why this the first of its kind case in history!

Mirror.co.uk says that the woman’s daughter died in her late 20’s from cancer, but her dying wish was to have her  frozen eggs implanted into her mother so her mom could have her children!

A fertility expert said:

“I have never heard of a surrogacy case involving a mother and her dead daughter’s eggs.”

“It’s fair to say that this may be a world first.”

The mother has launched a legal battle to get possession of her late daughter’s eggs from the fertility clinic, where they are now, to be moved to another fertility clinic in New York to carry out the procedure of implanting them into the late woman’s mother.

Do YOU think that the…

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