VIDEO: Georgetown students take pledge to end ‘urinal privilege’

An American Point of View

Yep, this should really make a difference in the world… Thank god… This is proof that there really is not much going on, if the biggest issue is urinals… Oh, and by the way, Boys and Girls, we are different, I have a penis, girls (well most) do not… I can stand and pee, hell, I can even write my name in the snow when I pee, and have peeing contest to see who can pee the highest up on the side of the garage… Yep, it is the privilege of being a boy… And I hold it over the heads of all woman, I make sure they know, that I, a boy, have a penis, and I can stand to pee… All this protesting should really help world hunger and the poor and the marginalized, yep, once we are all forced to pee sitting down, the world will be…

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