U-M reverses course, will show ‘American Sniper’ movie as scheduled

An American Point of View

What the heck! Look, it’s simple, you don’t want to see the movie, don’t go… Well maybe that’s a stretch for Liberals to understand, but you do have the free will not to attend. Lots of things make me uncomfortable, but I don’t protest to ban them, I just exercise my right not to attend or watch or purchase said item. Simple… Yet liberals feel a need to force there “feelings” upon the rest of us. As for the student who felt it would send the wrong message about there faith or nationality, to damn bad, this is America, freedom of speech is protected in this country. As for U of M canceling the viewing, shame on you, you are suppose to be a place of higher learning, as for them un-canceling the viewing, bully for you, but you should still hang your head low for even considering canceling the…

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