Trevor Holmes of Wistia Brings Pokemon and Personality to the Creative Somerville Series

Mia Scharphie

Last week, Trevor Holmes, videographer for video hosting startup Wistia spoke at the Creative Somerville Series and let us in on his quirky sense of humor, his design aesthetic and his path to Wistia and instagram dog stardom.

Trevor started with this amazing video he put together as his introduction to Wistia, which gave us a sense of his story in the well-styled, off-beat and incredibly personable style that I’ve come to know him for.

View the video here. No really, do it. You’ll be just as charmed as we all were.

That video is so well done that I could just leave it at that, but I’ll go on and share a little more of the Trevor Holmes magic.

Keep Learning

Trevor took us back to Pennsylvania where he started out–his parents were in creative industries–to community college where he first started tinkering with radio and TV production, and…

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