This doctor claims she has discovered how to stop being ticklish (but does it work?)


Anyone who has older siblings will know that tickling is one of the worst forms of torture imaginable (unless you have spent a summer holiday in Guantanamo Bay).

And while being pinned down in that strange state of laughing-yet-being-in-pain, you have probably wondered how to repel this vicious assault.

Well, Dr Emily Grossman from the Royal Institute thinks she has found the ultimate defence against tickling, and it’s shockingly simple.

Working on the fact that you can’t tickle yourself because ‘your brain already has a pretty good idea of where that sensation is going to occur, and therefore how it will feel’, Dr Grossman suggests placing you hands on the hands of the person trying to tickle you – as this will alert your brain to where those devious paws are heading, which will in turn stop you from being tickled.

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