The nine weirdest things people have ever used crowdfunding for


Crowd sourcing is a wonderful thing – it allows the online community to support projects they see worthy in an entirely democratic way.

However like all things on the internet, it attracts a few oddballs.

Such as…

The guy who wanted to crowdfund 13 dates so he could ‘find love’

At least he tried (Picture: Indiegogo) At least he tried (Picture: Indiegogo)

Tom Packer defined ‘hipster’ in his dress sense, and defined ‘desperate’ in his plea for £1,300 to fund 13 dates (£100 a piece) so that he could find his one true love.

It wasn’t asking for money to help him get laid which infuriated people the most, but rather his offer of a ‘signed photo’ for anyone who donates £10 to the Indiegogo campaign (no, Tom is not famous in any way).

Final amount funded: £227

[metro-link url=”” title=”This misguided hipster is trying to crowdfund money for 13 dates”]

The man who asked for money to…

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