The Inconvenient Truth About The California Drought

An American Point of View

It is time we, the people, of sound mind, that excludes all liberals, take back out country. We are allowing the nut cases of this world (i.e. Liberals) run our lives. They dream up Global Cooling in the 1970’s, when that didn’t work, they came up with Global Warming, and when that didn’t work they renamed it Climate Change…. And millions of people fall for it. You know they are laughing at us all, as they take the money and run! Climate Change is a multi-billion dollar scam. Al Gore and his cronies fly around in gas eating jets preaching to us about our excessive use of natural resources. And millions of Americans bow down to the false god of climate change. Don’t get me wrong, we need to care for our world, we need to keep her clean and healthy, I am all for that, but lets call it what…

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