Showered by social media and staying true yourself

juliet narcis

Do you ever feel like you’re over-exposed to social media? Like you’re standing on a beautiful field of opportunities and when you try to look somewhere a shower of social media falls onto your head and starts to slowly drown you?

Social media shower

I’ve recently noticed that more and more of my friends are:

a) getting away from social media, because it’s just too much for them

b) so into showing themselves off through social media that they don’t have time for any real-time-adventures.

And honestly I am also not capable to be in sync with all social media all the time. It’s just TOO MUCH of everything.

Every day I’m discovering there is so much things I want to experience, to see, to learn and if I top that with social media instead of an ordinary red cherry on top to make it sweet and nice. I’ve…

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