Parent: 4th graders shout vulgarities, shred paper man in ‘bullying’ lesson –

An American Point of View

What is wrong with people…. They teach 4th graders to use bad words…. Force them to…. UGH…. Fire who ever thought this was a good idea!

MANCHESTER, N.H. – An intense lesson on bullying left fourth grade children scared and parent furious.

According to parent Keith Katsikas, Hallsville Elementary School Principal Christi Michaud arranged for a bullying lesson to be conducted by Laurie Evans, a guidance counselor at Webster Elementary, also in the Manchester, New Hampshire school district.

The father explains it this way:

The woman proceeded to setup her display: a life-size paper man that she taped to the wall, a small blue basket, and a handful of paper clippings.

The woman passed out the small pieces of paper to the class and told the young children that they had to write down a swear word (or phrase). It had to be a swear word and it had to…

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