Marché Notre-Dame Halles Versailles

Market Tales

Last weekend my little sister, my dad and I went to paris!! We had an amazing time and of course we saw the beautiful monuments, but we also ate a lot of delicious food. Although Paris is already pretty amazing, we also decided to visit Versailles for one day, because we really wanted to explore the big food market over there. It was such a nice an authentic market and even though it was raining a bit, we had a great time. I actually enjoyed it so much, that I forgot to really take pictures and the few pictures I do have are not that good of a quality. Nonetheless I still wanted to share my experience at this market.

Bestand 07-05-15 10 30 29

Bestand 07-05-15 10 38 34

There were all kind of different stalls, which were located on the square, but there were also some stalls inside the halls that surrounded the square. We basically went through…

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