From the Annals of Driving While Black: ACLU of Colorado Claims Two African-American Men Were Victims of Racial Profiling

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A-police-officer-grabs-a-black-man-from-a-vehicle-in-video-uploaded-to-YouTube-Screenshot-800x430By Elaine Magliaro

The ACLU of Colorado claims that two African-American men who were pulled over by police in Colorado Springs and taken into custody were victims of racial profiling. The group is representing Ryan and Benjamin Brown, the two men who were involved in the traffic stop on March 25th. The incident was recorded by Ryan Brown who was a passenger in the car driven by his brother.

In the video, Ryan Brown can be seen being pulled from the car by a police officer and then forced to the ground. The ACLU said that the police encounter “took place within a block of the brothers’ home and began over an apparent cracked windshield.”


The video emerged as police departments are under increased scrutiny following a series of deaths of unarmed black men at the hands of officers across the United States.

Benjamin Brown was ordered by police to…

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