Creepy worm goes viral

Blog of Eternal Nothingness

Just to start this section weird enough, we talk about the strange worm, caught on camera.

This little guy appeared a few days ago, and it went viral among the users of the social media.

To get it straight, it was hard to get myself to even watch that video. And to this point, it freaks me out. I am scared from almost every insect, and most of worm like animals.

“But what kind of beast (from hell at least) is this?”, you ask. Nobody really knows the exact species. According to the science site, I Fucking Love Science and some research made by myself this is some kind of a ribbon worm. (Reddit user, Exxocet claims, that it is the exact species called Gorgonorhynchus). But this isn’t the thing, that some people (me, at least) actually would rather live on the ISS just to avoid meeting this particular “animal”. It is…

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