Big Badda Boom! (dahnkoooh)

MissUnderstood @ Your Service

I’ve been told by no less than four people that they look forward to reading my blog. My own sister, Val, has compared me to one of (in my opinion) the greatest bloggers on the EARTH ( and @thebloggess ). Therefore, to shush the outcry of public demand… here is my very first blog.

To say I am a writer is an over-understatement. I write from necessity. If I did not write, my head would become so tangled and pre-occupied by Harry Potter quotes and thoughts about rainbow unicorn kittens that serious physical and mental harm would be the only end.

“… truth will out” – Mr. Arthur Weasley

So a little introduction into Who I Am.

1. I’m a mom of three fully functioning human beings. I am quite proud of this achievement… the current so-called “Millennials” are quite toxic and most likely will be the ones to blow…

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