A Choir of Ill Children, by Tom Piccirilli

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Short Take:  Like reading Peyton Place while on acid.


Southern Gothic is a strange little sub-genre, isn’t it?  As far as I know, the south is the only part of the US that has a type of horror named after it.  I don’t know why it tickles me so much.  Maybe it’s because I have always lived in a state that is considered by the rest of the country to be part of the South, but really isn’t.  There are none of the things that make the South lovely (warm weather, antebellum mansions), but far too many of the things that give the South a bad name (rednecks, poverty, poor education, etc.).

So Southern Gothic novels are a way for me to remind myself that living in the real south isn’t much better than where I am.  Sure, they have things like winters where your toes don’t fall off, but…

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