7 proud owners of the most ridiculous laugh ever


Just a reminder that there are some seriously funny laughs out there.

Here’s a selection of people who have the unique ability to send others into hysterics with their own chortle.

Like the Braying Donkey


How about the Squealer?

And the Husky Spaniard 

Then there’s the YouTube legend that is Jamaican Tour Guide Man 

Who could forget the Njäh Njäh Njäh Njäh

And The Really Loud Scooter Disappearing Out of Earshot Down the Road laugh

These are screaming goats, just for good measure

[metro-link url=”http://metro.co.uk/2015/05/06/japanese-hotel-launches-crying-rooms-for-ladies-5183414/” title=”Japanese hotel launches ‘crying rooms’ for ladies”]

[metro-link url=”http://metro.co.uk/2015/05/06/youve-been-shutting-down-your-pc-down-all-wrong-heres-the-quick-way-to-do-it-5183616/” title=”You’ve been shutting down your PC down all wrong – here’s the quick way to do it”]

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