Why Did Joss Whedon Just Get Bullied Off Twitter?

Funk's House of Geekery

It has to be said, for all the anti-cyberbullying rhetoric we see on Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook it doesn’t take much for a lynch mob to form over something as little as a misinterpreted slight. In the past 24 hours Joss Whedon announced his departure from social media platform Twitter, followed by the deletion of his account, allegedly after a barrage of abuse from people who accuse him of being sexist, racist and many other -ists.

Judges-finger-pointing Shaaaaaaaame…

After two decades of being lauded as a progressive feminist television and film showrunner, some people’s reading of his newest film Age of Ultron has turned the masses against him. Some pundits, including The Mary Sue, have gone to lengths to rewrite their interpretation of his previous works in order to suit their new agenda, citing such occurrences as Buffy “falls apart not only when Angel leaves her, but when Parker (yeah, you…

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