Study: Ebola May Live On Hospital Surfaces For Days

CBS Atlanta

ATLANTA (CBS Atlanta) – The Ebola virus may live on hospital surfaces for up to two weeks, a new study finds.

Researchers tested how long Ebola could last on plastic, stainless steel, and the material used in Ebola suits.

The researchers also simulated different conditions, such as a 70-degrees Fahrenheit hospital and a typical day in West Africa.

The study found that Ebola survived longer in the simulated hospital room than in the West Africa environment. The virus lived for 11 days on the Ebola suit, eight days on plastic, and four days on stainless steel. The virus only survived for three days in the simulated West Africa environment.

“Given the unprecedented number of health care professionals who became infected with Ebola virus during the outbreak, we are trying to elucidate all potential routes of transmission and potential for persistence for the virus,” Vincent Munster, chief of the Virus…

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