Oculus Rift goes mainstream early 2016


Quarter one 2016. It’s the answer to a question we’ve asked basically every time we’ve spoken with Oculus VR since 2012: “When does the consumer version of the Rift come out?” Aside from that revelation, we’re also getting our first look at the final design of the headset, but that’s it! No word on price or launch games, experiences or Facebook apps, either. Come to think of it, “no” probably fits as an answer to any other question you might have at this point. Oculus teased that they’ll have more to share soon, specifically hinting at June’s Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3), but for now we’ll just have to make do with these morsels. If Sony hoped to have early 2016 to itself in terms of VR for the masses with Project Morpheus, those dreams have effectively been dashed.

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