Hugo Barra on why Xiaomi is against microSD cards in phones


Xiaomi's Hugo Barra launches the Mi 4i in Hong Kong.

If you were to compare iOS and Android, the latter’s storage expansion option via microSD — up to a whopping 200GB these days — is often regarded as an advantage, though not all devices come with such offer. For instance, while HTC and LG have made the microSD slot a standard feature on their recent flagship devices, Samsung oddly decided to remove it from its Galaxy S6 series (ironically, the company has just announced new microSD cards). Xiaomi, on the other hand, seems to be on the fence: its flagship line has long ditched the microSD slot after its first-gen device, yet its affordable Redmi line uses said feature as a selling point. It’s as if Xiaomi is contradicting itself, but Hugo Barra, the company’s Vice President of International, gave us a more definitive answer after launching the Mi 4i in Hong Kong.

Xiaomi’s Hugo Barra shows off the…

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