HTC revenue is down by 39% mostly thanks to the HTC One M9


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We thought HTC had it all figured out last year with the HTC One M8, recapturing some of its former glory with an exciting and interesting device. Unfortunately, they failed to capitalize both on the innovative nature of that device and Samsung’s missteps by releasing a very safe HTC One M9 this year which ticked all the boxes, but not much else. As a result, HTC’s revenue over the last year fallen from NT$22.07 billion to NT$13.54 billion in April, a massive 38.66% drop. And if you’re doubting that it’s the One M9’s fault, HTC’s revenue has fallen 32.36% between March and April alone, instead of the expected gain due to the One M9’s launch.

Analysts are blaming HTC’s poor oversight in using the overheating Snapdragon 810 in their device and says that One M9 shipments would only reach 4.5 million, a…

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