Harper, Werth Set New Tone for Nationals: ‘We Are The Team to Beat’


On a scale of one to ‘Where’ my ring,’ Bryce Harper probably registered at about a seven with his post-game comments after hitting three home runs in the Nationals’ 7-5 win over Miami on Wednesday.

If you haven’t seen them, watch all three of his blasts (including two upper-deckers) of poor, poor Tom Koehler, here.

Before parsing Harper’s words, you should understand their origin. Prior to the game, Jayson Werth joined MLB’ Network’s “MLB Central.”

The left fielder was asked by Matt Vasgersian if the preseason expectations placed on the Nationals — to “win 95 [games] and breeze right through the World Series” — were fair.

“I don’t know. That’s up to you guys,” Werth answered. “We don’t handle that stuff. We know who we are, we know our identity. I mean obviously we are the team to beat in the National League. I mean everybody knows it, we…

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