Filthy Rags on My Lens

Language of the Heart

These days the conversations on social media often reflect the collision of political and religious values. Writers on all sides, with much more notable names than mine, are predicting the imminent apocalyptic end of life as we have known it. Some cheer this end as an indication of the triumph of human enlightenment and justice. Others see today’s trends as the accelerating degradation of human kind. One, both, or neither, may be true.

I’m not saying that these issues are not important. I’m also not saying that I don’t have a personal view on the issues of the day. What I am saying is that there is another perspective on these issues that I have not seen in the dialog.

I appreciate that others are arguing in the public arena for values that I hold. But my values are not decided by the latest poll, by the popular majority, or…

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