Burnaby landlord unleashes inner pet detective in hunt for dog poop scofflaw

National Post

VANCOUVER — It was just before midnight when Claude Paulin-Dupere and his dog Moustache bounded out of their second-floor apartment to descend for his pet’s last potty before bed.

He’d hardly cracked the stairwell door when the pair got a wicked whiff.

“I thought somebody had died,” said the 23-year-old, who led his Shih Tzu-cross to the elevator instead. “A dog had diarrhea going up the stairs, so it made quite a mess.”

John Doman/ Associated Press John Doman/ Associated Press

He shrugged off Saturday’s olfactory assault — until the next morning, when fallout from the fouling began.

The afflicted landlord at the Waldorf Manor in Burnaby, B.C., has unleashed his inner pet detective to find the “poopetrator,” in a case of canine malfeasance that has been forcing members from strata council across Canada to hold their noses.

A blanket memo was pushed under the doors of all tenants in the three-storey suburban Vancouver…

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