6 May 2015. THIS is Why the Patriots Fight in Novorossiya… For their Kids’ Future in a Nazi-Free World!

Voices from Russia

00 donetsk. dnr. motorola. proud daddy. 01.05.15


This is “Motorola”, one of the bravest field commanders in the patriot forces facing the fascist sludge in Novorossiya. In a lull in the fighting, he’s taking his infant daughter Miroslava out for a spin in the sun. That’s WHY the patriots fight… they don’t want Galician Uniate hillbilly lies and mush put into their kids’ heads. I predict that within 20 years, “Ukrainian” will be forgotten save in the Western backwoods where it came from. The evil fascist junta is setting up a distaste in people’s minds for ANYTHING labelled “Ukrainian”. They’re not only fighting for political liberty, they’re fighting for the survival of the culture of Holy Rus. They’re fighting for LOVE of Motherland… LOVE of Culture… LOVE of Ancestral Faith. The Uniate nationalists fight for HATE… HATE of Russia… HATE of Orthodoxy… HATE of the Friendship of the Peoples. I know what I support! I support…

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