39 years in the making…

marykayspryte B.S. PSYCHOLOGY

“What the f%ck is wrong with you, you f#%kin idiot?”
Loving words from my Uncle in response to a question I asked him about a broken garage door.
Verbal abuse at it’s finest. In the past I allowed it, went along with it, and felt like less than human for hours, sometimes days after.
However, two days ago when this happened, I walked away.
I did not mouth off, I did not cry, I did not curse him out and start acting all gangsta, I did not feel inadequate or bad.
What a relief!
Miracles do happen!
Instead, I prayed for him, in my heart I immediately asked Spirit to forgive him for being so angry, mean, unaware, uncaring and not awakened. I said my good bye to my grand mother whose home I was at raking leaves and I left.
Without a scene, I left.

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