So, apparently it’s time to start suspecting A-Rod of taking PEDs again


On Friday night Alex Rodriguez tied Willie Mays for number four on the all-time home run list. If you don’t much like Alex Rodriguez or don’t care for what PEDs did to the game, you likely ignored it. Maybe grumbled some. That’s totally fair. If you either like A-Rod, don’t get too worked up about PEDs or are a Yankees fan, you cheered it or at least noted it. In this it’s like most other things in 21st century baseball. “Meh” or “Yay,” your mileage varies.

But there are some folks who go way beyond “meh,” and for them this was inevitable, I suppose:


You know, those sentient clouds of suspicion which just decide where to be and when on their own accord? Which have nothing to do with columnists for major dailies doing the suspecting?

Madden starts out his column by saying “Time to get out the asterisks again,”…

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