Microsoft is reportedly making high-end Windows phones again


Nokia Lumia 1520

One of the biggest gripes among Windows phone devotees is a lack of high-powered devices as of late. How are you supposed to be a hardcore fan when most of the lineup is downright basic? At last, though, Microsoft appears to be catering to that need for speed. Both Unleash the Phones and The Verge understand that the Redmond crew is working on two range-topping Windows 10 phones, nicknamed Cityman and Talkman in a nod to Nokia’s early handsets. They’d both be powerhouses with Quad HD screens, 3GB of RAM, 20-megapixel rear cameras, 5-megapixel front shooters and 32GB of expandable storage. It’d really boil down to your preference of screen size. The Talkman would be the mid-size model with a 5.2-inch display and a six-core processor (likely the LG G4’s Snapdragon 808), while the Cityman would up the ante with a 5.7-inch screen and an eight-core (possibly Snapdragon 810)…

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