Man On Reddit Wants To Thank “Guys In Plaid” For Defending His Wife (In Wheelchair) During Levi’s Stadium Exit

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Leaving a stadium is never an easy endeavor. Crowds head towards the exits, moving slower than sludge and it seems like getting out of the venue takes as long as the entire show. Perhaps basking in the post-concert bliss of an incredible show helps brighten the dull march to the parking lot, unless of course, you’re getting hit in the face by bags and stray arm sways every few seconds.

That was the case of a woman who attended the Kenny Chesney and Jason Aldean show at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara this last weekend with her husband. After leaving the show and attempting to navigate through the concourse after getting unfortunately misdirected by the staff at the event,  “the crowds were thick and disorganized” and according to her husband, his wife “had been whacked a couple of times, on accident of course, by people not seeing her.”

Luckily though, someone noticed the man and woman struggling to…

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