A Man Got Stuck In A Basketball Hoop And It Took 13 Police Officers To Get Him Down


The above footage comes from Seattle, where police patrolling the streets during May Day protests found a shirtless man dangling from a hoop in a public basketball court. It’s not quite “how many _____ does it take to screw in a lightbulb,” but it’s not far off. All the assembled police officers eventually needed to call in the fire department to extricate the man, according to MyFox.

Why were so many officers on hand for such a minor issue? It might have been due to the man flailing wildly while hanging:

But still, anyone who’s seen Cops knows that wild flailing is all in a day’s work for a police officer. It doesn’t quite justify the phalanx that was present. To get that many officers on a basketball court outside of a charity game, I imagine there were lots of exchanges over the police radio that went a little…

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